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Verigames Covered by BBC News!

Here's a great article including interviews with principle scientists who are part of DARPA's Verigames serious games project. You'll hear from SRI's Dr. John Murray and the University of Washington's ...
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Verigames Project in GamesBeat!

More science fun from the fascinating Verigames project I've been working on with all kinds of smart game developers and DARPA! GamesBeat: Help DARPA improve national security with this flash game And ...
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Speaking in D.C. August 1st!

I'll be in Washington D.C. on August 1st with Giant Spacekat Head of Development Brianna Wu and others for a panel at VGU-Con. The panel is called 'Diversity: Achieve, Overcome and ...
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Lift Them Up—Coding for Kids!

I love this picture! It's so cute! And the sentiment is right on—coding taught just like the ABCs. I wish I had learned that way—instead of by trying to fix my ...
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[a]listdaily Finds Golden Swan

'What's a golden swan? That's a rare, fortunate event that has major consequences…a metaphor that 'describes an event that comes as a surprise, has a major effect, and is often ...
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Jesse Schell Illuminates About VR Direction

Awesome article with Jesse Schell about VR—virtual reality and hardware/software design innovation. The article really gets into the market realities. I've been saying this for years—the three most important words ...
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Eye Tracking Tech as Game Controller

Interesting article about a recent game jam in London using eye tracking tech as an in-game controller. The author describes gameplay mechanics that worked best for the different teams and his ...
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