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A social game that works?

“people don’t necessarily hate grinding. Or social play. Or timed engagement, or even games that are basically spreadsheets skinned with a graphical interface. They just hate nearly everything the social games business has tried to feed them so far. Looks like something a little bit sweet can go a long way.”

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Gordon Walton: Publishers see devs as “replaceable meat puppets”

“…If there was a Making Game Companies For Dummies book, that should be the core of it – how important coherent teams are.”


Great article about the overall games business from a true veteran. A macro view of changes, business models and the truth about who knows what and what we all don’t know.

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Gaming Industry Should Not Care About Gender Says A Female Dev

Clint Hocking, a LucasArts creative director, wrote an op-ed in 2011 about the state of male dominated games development, which he compared to “viking culture”. He reflected that due to the lack of female talent in studios, game development suffers because it doesn’t represent a full spectrum of the gaming society. Quinn Dunki of One Girl, One Laptop Productions argued that Hocking made the issue sound like the “‘male standard” is the “ideal” one….

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GamesBeat: The Mobile App Economy Is Exploding (So What Else Is New?)

“This industry did not exist in 2008, but in the last year, $18 billion in revenue was generated from mobile apps,” Khalaf said. “It’s taken the web about 16 years to get huge, but mobile is matching that in about four.”

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How Retail Figures May Point To A Coming Disruption

The big publishers seem to be “Sharper Imaging,” according to the numbers. . . Sharper Imaging—A term I just made up to mean pricing yourself out of the market by creating goods that only a smaller and smaller fraction of consumers want to buy because cheaper, reasonable facsimiles of what you’re selling take over. Eventually, you have no market. Yikes!!!!

Gamasutra News:  How retail figures may point to a coming disruption

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The Deanbeat: The Right Strategies For The Social Casino Gaming Bubble

Another good article from The DeanBeat. Keep a close eye on the merge of games and gambling, game industry. It will affect your financial future. I’m very interested in the models of Betable and Luckity described here. They’re figuring it out for us now.

VentureBeat presents The DeanBeat: A closer look at the social casino gaming bubble

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