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Xbox One Announced—”When you’re exercising, it can read your heartbeat”

“…the primary thrust of the presentation was instant switching between different types of content, all via a new Kinect with improved voice commands. Microsoft senior vice president of the Online Audience Yusuf Mehdi showed off using Kinect voice commands to change between games, live television, and movies.”

The launch date is “”later this year,” but no specific date or system price was given.”

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Agile vs. Waterfall—Explained. Don’t Expect it to be Easy

Gamasutra Expert Blogger Brian Dreyer discusses moving from Waterfall game production to Agile methodology—how and why. If you’re familiar with both theories and practices, this article can help to forward your thinking on the subject. If you’re not, it’s very hard to describe either in a blog post. . .

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A social game that works?

“people don’t necessarily hate grinding. Or social play. Or timed engagement, or even games that are basically spreadsheets skinned with a graphical interface. They just hate nearly everything the social games business has tried to feed them so far. Looks like something a little bit sweet can go a long way.”

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WIGI E3 2013 Partnership Opportunities Available

Women in Games International has announced partnership opportunities for the fifth annual WIGI event at E3 2013. The organization is once again reserving the fabulous Belasco Theater for a night of entertainment, food, drinks, networking and fun celebrating S.T.E.A.M.–Science, Technology, Entertainment, Art and Music.

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GTFO Reaches Kickstarter Goal

Documentary about the online harassment of women gamers and game industry professionals to move forward

“I am just a casual gamer, so I was shocked about a year ago when a friend told me about the abuse that many female gamers and other industry figures endure on a daily basis. I immediately began researching and filming this documentary, titled “GTFO” in reference to the exclusionary response that many women encounter while gaming.”

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Gordon Walton: Publishers see devs as “replaceable meat puppets”

“…If there was a Making Game Companies For Dummies book, that should be the core of it – how important coherent teams are.”


Great article about the overall games business from a true veteran. A macro view of changes, business models and the truth about who knows what and what we all don’t know.

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