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Nintendo Switch Reveal

I’m interested in the Nintendo Switch. I’ve been wanting gameplay you could take with you from home screen to mobile to multiplayer for a long time. (Didn’t think of to eSports, but that would be amazing!) However, the hardware and processor seems questionable. Yet, if it works somewhat, it’ll drive others to do it better and bring better content outside of the Nintendo ecosystem to other hardware manufacturers. This could be very interesting for…

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E3 Needs an Event Planner

Lots of people asked me what I thought of E3 2016. I really appreciated all of the lovely seating areas—made possible by empty spaces in the major halls. No need to sit on the floor against the wall to work or have a meeting. . . But the reason for the seating is disturbing and makes me concerned for the future of the event. My ideal E3 would be a show that stays industry-focused and…

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eSports is Getting Competitive

Interesting. I have no opinion on the lack of consultation with most stockholders. I’m mostly interested in ATVI’s larger foray into eSports. At first glance, this seems like an acquisition of users and other assets, but not necessarily IP. I don’t know what MLG has in terms of IP, if anything. Cursory research shows it’s mainly an online platform. It seems ATVI would mostly like expertise and the ability to plug its own IP…

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