I’m reviewing articles for this week’s WIGI Weekly and just discovered that Carnegie-Mellon is studying something I have been thinking about for years! Blending different mechanics together in a single game to bring different kinds of gamers together in co-op gameplay!

“Asymmetrical Cooperative Gaming (ACG) is a semester-long project at Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center aimed at solving this problem by merging multiple game genres into a single game, allowing players to play together while still using mechanics that are appealing to them.”

I had this whole idea a few years ago that kids, moms, grandmas, hardcore gamers and everybody could play Batman: Arkham Asylum together (and other games with super valuable familiar licenses with online co-op simultaneous play). But only if they were coded to integrate many different gameplay mechanics so each player could choose a mechanic they like. Ideally, the games would be cross-platform/cross-controller so everybody could play together exactly how they want! World Peace!

One day. . . .


The Genre Blender: Experiments In Social Gameplay—gamasutra.com