“Will we all be playing Call of Candycraft Modern Skylander Crush Warfare soon?”
I hope so! I can’t wait to play this game! It sounds awesome! I hope it comes out on Android so I can play it on my tablet!
In all seriousness, though, I have been thinking about this acquisition and what I came up with on Monday is still my prevailing opinion: “…we have consistently said over the years that there is only one management team to whom we give the benefit of the doubt, and that is ATVI. While we have many reservations about KING, we have to be somewhat deferential to ATVI’s track record.”
That’s exactly what I think. ATVI’s senior management and board plays the long game strategically. Just consider the Vivendi merger. Activision was actually purchased by Vivendi. Yet now, the company is Activision Blizzard. What’s up with Vivendi? Who won that game? Analysts are saying the $5.9 billion price for King is a mistake. I’m unconvinced. They waited this long for a reason.


Analysts react to Activision-Blizzard’s $5.9B purchase of King—gamasutra.com