I finished the book, “Ready Player One” this morning. (I woke up early and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I started reading.)
It’s a fiction book about a future world where everyone spends most of their time in a VR universe. The book (a signed copy!) was given away in the registration bags at Oculus Connect 2 last week.
I haven’t read an actual book made of paper in a long time. I read it pretty quickly since it was so good. I’m an insomniac, so I was up really late readingit Monday night and actually tried to scroll one of the pages by swiping across it with my finger. (Didn’t work. . . I was tired, but entranced.)
It’s a really good book with lots of video game, sci fi and fantasy lore as well as pop culture references from my childhood and teen years. I laughed a lot, and even cried a bit—once from real sadness and a few times from being truly moved.
It’s a good read. If you have the book from your Connect bag, read it! Or get it on your tablet. 🙂