In an article opened with a quote from Mary Wollostonecraft, The Border House addresses comments about a 9 out of 10 review by a female GameSpot reviewer of Grand Theft Auto V.
The comments tend, as you may guess, toward bigotry, hate and vulgarity—all colored with a strong dose of misogyny.
Here’s what I’ve been cheering about every day for the last five+ years. We’re taking power with the dollar. The author sees it as a problem (leading to backlash from a threatened community). To me, it’s a solution! But then again, I don’t often read comments. . .
“The problem remains what it always has been, and it is neatly captured by the implications of this lone comment: “no one gave a shit about how women were portrayed in video games 2 years ago but now because more women play its suddenly a problem. Terrible review and not objective at all, this person should not be in th position to state ‘her’ opinions as facts,” says a young man passing off his opinions as facts (poor grammar in the original).”

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